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HostDoze's Refund Policy

Registering with us or subscribing to our service means you agree to our refund policy, we have enacted refund policy to provide better user experience, the policy is based on some guidances and information that you should follow. Kindly read it carefully to avoid any issues that may arise. This policy can be changed at any time with or without any notice.

HostDoze offers 24-hour money-back guarantee on RDP (Remote Desktop) plans and 7-day on VPS plans, which let users to test our services without any risk. HostDoze does not offer any kind of refund on dedicated servers and CPanel license.

To process the refund for RDP and VPS plans, we need a conclusive reason before you ask for refund. The user must provide any conclusive reason, we will try to resolve the issue or a refund will be issued.

You are no longer guaranteed a refund if you violate our TOS, we may still provide a partial refund but we are not obligated to do so if you have done something atrocious.

All advance deposits are not eligible for refund, you can either use it for ordering new services or paying your existing invoices.

Please allow up to 24 hours for the refund to be given, all refunds will be processed through the same payment processor that you've used to pay the invoice in first place. In case we are not able to refund any payment via payment processor due to any reason, then refund amount will be posted as funds to customer's account.